A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o.

A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o. is a full-line supplier within cable manufacturing. Through heavy investments in fully and semi-automatic production equipment we have established a supplier company specialising in cable manufacturing and installation of printed circuit boards and devices that is at the forefront and can satisfy most customer requirements.


With more than 40 years of experience A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o. has acquired the technologies necessary for handling and installing all types of cable. These technologies include multi-conductor cables, harness cables, flat cables, coax cables, installation of printed circuit boards, induction soldering, moulding, Macromelt moulding and all sorts of assembly of devices. Everything is done according to customer specifications.



A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o. is able to meet customer requirements for installation of printed circuit boards and cable systems with regard to quantity, product range and form of cooperation. We offer a number of different forms of cooperation tailored to the individual customer, such as outsourcing, prototypes, small batches and potentially complex batches.

If required we are happy to prepare drawings and any other documentation that may be necessary for your particular project. Moreover, A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o. offers customer-specific product development, packaging and distribution.

Quite a number of companies are looking to outsource their installation of printed circuit boards, wires and cables. Should this be the case, A.K.S. Cables sp z o.o. can offer entering into a dialogue with the customer on the possibility of taking over stock, equipment and employees.

Through our excellent cooperation with suppliers of raw materials and our flexible production, not to mention our pilot shop where the staff does testing and pilot runs exclusively, we can very quickly get an overview of how and when we can help a customer in the best way possible and in case it has to be done in a rush. Our customers gain access to specialist knowledge of installation of printed circuit boards, cables and wires, and we are able to provide suggestions for solutions and improvements that enhance our customers’ competitiveness.