The AKS GROUP aims to have a close partnership with our customers.

The AKS GROUP wishes to be a part of our customers’ development strategies.

It is our aim though a close partnership to meet the wish for optimal technology and thereby contribute a higher-quality product, security of delivery and a good, competitive Price.


The objective of the AKS GROUP is to put the customer first, make them feel welcome and serve them well. Moreover, the AKS GROUP should continue to grow. This is achieved through competent, well-trained and committed employees and by constantly investing in the latest technology in order to make the best quality goods at the lowest price and in the shortest delivery times.


The environmental policy of A.K.S. is based on the following objectives:

  • that A.K.S. wishes to ensure a long-term and durable solution within environment, health and safety.
  • that A.K.S. will always observe current environmental legislation and regulations, including EU regulations.
  • that A.K.S. will constantly improve the manufacturing process in order to minimise and prevent harm to the environment.
  • that A.K.S. will see to it that all employees act responsibly and observe the applicable rules.