A.K.S. Finmekanik

3 keywords that characterise our precision engineering production…

Precision – Precision – Precision!

A.K.S. Finmekanik A/S is a specialist in milling and turning of aluminum, as well as processing of challenging rust-free materials, brass, plastic, steel, etc. We produce for for the more advanced areas of precision-mechanical industries, such as aerospace, military, radar, telecommunications, optics and pharmaceuticals.

The company’s staff has decades of experience in machining, as well as extensive knowledge of various types of finishing and surface treatments. Furthermore, product development in close cooperation with the customer is one of our specialties.

Our machinery includes modern multi-axis milling and turning centres, as well as combination milling/turning centres, each of which has its own strengths, ensuring an optimum production process for items of all types and production volumes of all sizes.

For 3D programming, we use a number of CadCam systems (SolidWorks, MasterCam, Camworks and SmartCam), into which customers’ own 3D models are often imported.

This ensures that we can continuously meet our goal: delivering products in the agreed volume, with the right quality, at the agreed time, and at a competitive Price.